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20240416 - Visa Office Applications: Minimizing Refusals (or Setting the Stage for Success on Judicial Review) (Video recording expires 16 April 2025 for CICC)

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Presenter/s: Deanna Okun-Nachoff LLB

Date: 16 April 2024

Time: 9 am - 11 am Pacific

Location: webinar

Type: webinar and recording

Price: $50.00

CPD approval:

  • CICC 2 hours - 2 CPD hours approved. Video recording expires 16 April 2025. Includes 20 minutes of professionalism,
  • LSBC 2 hours - 2 CPD hours approved. Video recording will expire on 31 December 2024. Attendance to this course will provide you with 20 minutes of ethics and professional responsibility component for your BC Law Society reporting.
  • Law Societies of Alberta, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Barrister's Society of Nova Scotia
    • For members of these Law Societies, consider including this course as a CPD learning activity in your mandatory annual requirements.


This session will begin with consideration of the high refusal rate of TR applications at various visa offices abroad, and move on to a discussion of the following topics: 

  • What factors contribute to the disparity of approval rates at visa offices abroad?
  • Has AI played a role in broadening these disparities?
  • How can counsel reduce a client’s risk of refusal or (at least) “JR proof” the submission?
  • How conducive is the federal court/judicial review process at addressing systemic issues like this? 
  • Ethical issues
  • Q & A

College of Citizenship and Immigration - Essential Competency mapping  


Foundational Knowledge

1.2 Applies knowledge of the principles of administrative law

1.2.3 Explains the role of judicial review in ensuring that the executive branch of government follows the principles of administrative law.

Legal Research in Informatics

3.3 Proficiently uses government's immigration and citizenship portals, government databases and other credible information technology sources.


6.1 Demonstrates and maintains competence in practice

 6.1.2 Stays current and complies with legislation, regulation, professional standards, policies and guidelines.


Deanna Okun-Nachoff LLB

Deanna is a Partner at McCrea Immigration Law LLP, where she focuses on litigation and permanent migration to Canada, especially for those seeking to overcome admissibility and eligibility barriers. She represents refugees, foreign nationals and permanent residents at all levels of the IRB and at the Federal Court. Deanna also co-hosts a monthly podcast and YouTube program called “Borderlines” covering immigration and other important social justice issues. 


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