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20240215 - Avoiding Lawsuits by Automating Compliance (Video recording expires 15 February 2025 for CICC)

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Presenter/s: Eoin Logan LLB, Rosalee van Staalduinen M.Ed., Amir Bateni B.Sc.

Date: 15 February 2024

Time: 10 am to noon Pacific

Location: webinar

Type: webinar and recording

Price: $50.00

CPD approval:

  • CICC 2 hours - 2 CPD hours approved. Includes .5 hours of professionalism/Code of Professional Conduct. Video recording expires 15 February 2025.
  • LSBC 2 hours - 2 CPD hours approved. Video recording will expire on 31 December 2024. attendance to this course will provide you with 45 minutes of ethics and professional responsibility component for your BC Law Society reporting.
  • Law Societies of Alberta, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Barrister's Society of Nova Scotia
    • For members of these Law Societies, consider including this course as a CPD learning activity in your mandatory annual requirements.


  • Case Study and discussion of areas in which a practitioner can get sued.
    • Breach of confidentiality - emailing forms to the client
    • Errors in the application - incorrect data entry
    • Negligence - incorrect form
    • Negligence - failure to deliver quality service and complete a particular task on behalf of the client
    • Missed deadlines - failure to submit something to IRCC on time
  • Case Study solutions using immigration software
  • Additional compliance features of immigration software
    • Client file management regulation - Client module, notes, tasks, documents, email filing, retention of files
    • Retainer Agreement Regulation - Template feature
    • Client Account Regulation - Client Account/Trust Account module and Accounting feature
    • Planned or Unplanned Absence Regulation - Admin module and PUA feature
    • Agents Regulation - Access rights through the Admin module
  • Overview of Professionalism/Ethics feature - interactive segment of presentation
    • Delivering Quality of Service: A22(1.a-c), A22(2), A22(3)
    • Relationship to Client: A23(1-3), A24(1-4)
    • Obligation of Confidentiality: A28
    • Advance payments: A32(a, d, e, f)
    • Invoice: A33(1)
    • Description of services and disbursements: A33(2)
    • Transfer of file: A36(3)
    • Record Keeping: A27
    • Professional responsibility: A38(2)
    • Delegation: A38(3)
    • Marketing of services: A44
  • Q & A

College of Citizenship and Immigration - Essential Competency mapping  


Business Management and Leadership

4.4 Prioritizes and manages projects and workflow to ensure timely, efficient, and effective delivery of services. 

4.7 Reviews business practices and performance to ensure efficient and quality service.

4.9 Utilizes financial management practices that ensure the appropriate provision of client services.


6.1 Demonstrates and maintains competence in practice

6.1.2 Stays current and complies with legislation, regulation, professional standards, policies and guidelines.

Communication, Counselling and advocacy

8.5 Manages client expectations through effective communications

8.5.5 Delivers services as promised and takes responsibility when cannot

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Evidence-Based Practice

9.3 Adopts evidence-based practices in the provision of services.

9.3.2 Consults with others to identify best (evidence-based) practices.


Eoin Logan LLB, Meridian Law Group

Eoin Logan is lawyer in BC, called to the bar in 2017. Through his years of practice, Eoin has represented his clients in the Supreme Court and various Provincial Courts in BC. He is well-versed in fighting for his clients in the courtroom and outside of it, often finding resolutions before even getting in front of a judge. Eoin has taken various cases such as immigration negligence, professional negligence, commercial litigation, personal injury, debt collection, and contract litigation. He focus now is in the areas of professional negligence and immigration negligence law where he helps people take lawsuits where there has been an error in a person’s immigration application. He sits on the Board of Directors for the Irish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, where he helps to foster working relationships for Irish immigrant businesses.

Rosalee van Staalduinen M.Ed., Director of Education at Uniques Software

Rosalee is a visionary and deeply committed educator, who has spent over a decade using her unique skill set to grow and support immigration professionals.

With a Master of Education from Lehigh University, and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Bachelor of Christian Education from Redeemer University, Rosalee has served as the Director of Education at the regulatory body (formerly ICCRC, now CICC) and is currently serving as the Director of Education at Uniques. 

Amir Bateni, B.Sc. President and CEO of Uniques Software

Amir is the innovative and forward-thinking President and CEO of Uniques Software Corp., which powers Officio. With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University, Amir has leveraged his knowledge and skills to bring automation and greater efficiency to the immigration industry.

In 1996, Amir began assembling a team of talented developers and created a platform that has revolutionized how immigration professionals manage their practice.

Today, Officio is a leading immigration software provider, with an established presence in Canada and Australia. The company's platform has helped to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve client experiences.


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