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Here's what our customers are saying about our seminars:


'I recently attended the "How to Create an Efficient Workflow within Your Immigration Practice" webinar.  I found it incredibly valuable. The presenter was highly professional and knowledgeable, delivering practical strategies for optimizing workflow. I highly recommend Immseminars' for immigration practitioners looking to enhance their skills."


Angélica P RCIC 



I have attended quite a few webinars in the past. I must admit this was the best webinar I have attended in terms of the subject matter, the presentation, the quality of the information, and the competence and expertise of both presenters: John and Tiffany! I can not stress enough how valuable such webinars are for the beginners like myself and, I am sure, for more senior professionals in the field. I think there is a big need for more webinars of the same nature and quality with such brilliantly competent and knowledgeable instructors who have hands-on experience. Thank you! 

Iryna L.



The webinar was one of the best that I have done. Well done!



LMIAs - Meeting the requirements

"The LMIA seminar tonight was fantastic and very informative! I learned so much important knowledge - more than I anticipated. I’d like to thank you for holding such a wonderful seminar!

The keynote speakers, Tiffany and Matt, delivered an excellent presentation on the LMIA process. Tiffany was my inadmissibility course instructor at UBC, and she is very knowledgeable on various immigration fields. I’m currently working on a LMIA PR stream case, and the seminar has offered me a great deal of support!”



Piloting Canada's New Caregiver Programs

"First of all thank you, Rhonda and Robyn for providing this useful and up to date seminar. Thank you.  Robyn was excellent and she was so honest and candid in presenting the material and answering questions. Thank her.

Peggy, you raised and categorized all attendee's questions and asked almost all of them. Thank you.  Since this program is so fresh and has not fully been implemented yet, not much expectations from the presenter or providers."



"This was my first time attending an IMM Seminar, since I have only done ones through Imeda in the past. I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the instructor, Robyn, who was incredibly knowledgeable in the field and had a very pleasant manner of presenting. Having the attendees’ questions screened by Peggy was also a great idea, since it saved time and kept them relevant. Affordability was also a factor when signing up. I have enjoyed this format and look forward to attending more IMM seminars in the future. Fantastic job, ladies, you make a great team! "



Ask an Expert - When your case goes off the rails!


"I attended Dani’s seminar last night and learned quite a bit from her presentation! Writing a submission letter isn’t straightforward; it requires good planning and formatting. Yesterday’s seminar was a big picture!"




"Thanks a lot for holding so many great seminars! I attended the Ask an Expert in-person event and was thrilled how much I learned from that 3 hours. It’s amazing! Most of the times the speakers are very inspiring.  IMMSeminar is an awesome platform for learning and sharing information, plus it’s a good way to connect RCICs : ) Love Immseminar as always!"



"For a new RCIC it is important to stay up-to-date with practical information AND to make new professional connections. Peggy and Rhonda are well-known and experienced RCICs. Through IMM Seminars they bring together outstanding immigration professionals, who are willing to share their ideas, knowledge and contact details.  I've found that working on a difficult file can sometimes be a bit daunting and lonely. By attending an IMM Seminars event, I learned how to tackle key immigration issues and I made some new consulting friends. You might meet a mentor or your next co-counsel. Highly recommended!"



Immigration Potpourri

"I am happy to have attended this event as it brought professionals from the Immigration field together for a very educational and relationship-building opportunity.

The event provided participants a valuable opportunity to ask questions to presenters and to learn from each other, which I really liked.

Dr. Vic Satzewich and the Director of the BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration, Michael Kim, were very interesting and engaging with their topics, and I enjoyed their presentations.

I also enjoyed the opportunity to informally meet and mingle with fellow practitioners at a beautiful setting with a lovely view following the event.

I gained practical knowledge at this event and would recommend Imm Seminars to my colleagues in Immigration practice."



"I attended the Imm Seminars "Immigration Potpourri" event recently in Vancouver, it was really enjoyable and a fantastic learning experience.  The presenters were all highly professional and specialists in their fields, the information presented was clear and thorough, and the pace was perfect.  The event included five different topics and was approved for 7 CPD hours.  Thanks Imm Seminars for putting on such a great event."