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20200917 - Express Entry - Advanced

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Presenter/s: Julie McMahon RCIC

Date: 17 September 2020

Time: 6 - 9 pm Pacific

Location: webinar

Type: webinar and recording

Price: $75.00

CPD approval:

  • ICCRC 3 hours3 CPD hours approved - valid until 13 June 2022
  • LSBC 3 hoursApproved, expired - attendance to this course will provide you with .25 hours/15 minutes of ethics and professional responsibility component for your BC Law Society reporting.
  • For Alberta lawyers, consider including this course as a CPD learning activity in your mandatory annual Continuing Professional Development Plan as required by the Law Society of Alberta. 



 Express Entry - Advanced   


  • Surviving COVID 19, an introduction and changes that affect EE
  • Key Statistics and findings – EE target for 2020 is 85,800, hovering around 470 for ITA
  • IRCC current priorities  

a. IRCC now accepting electronic education credential assessments and language results received electronically as well as receipts in lieu of documents with an explanation 

b. In person landing appointments are cancelled  

c. Processing times unknown at this time 

d. 90-day extensions for certain documents (ie. Police certs, medical exam, biometrics, passports) with opportunity to extend further  

e. Biometrics is currently closed, don’t send clients to a POE or the USA 

f. Rounds of invitations – CEC and PNP only 

g. Language Testing centres have re-opened (June 16, 2020) 

  • PNP Recap  

a. Must be EE specific Nomination Certificate 

b. IF FST or FSW and no AE, need Settlement Funds 

c. Creating an EE profile – dual requirements  

d. PNP draws during Covid-19 – who’s being invited? 

  • Common issues with Spouses or Partners
  • Common issues with Dependent Children 
  • Common issues with Education Credentials (Canadian) 

a. Human Capital Factors – Definition of Education points 

b. Additional Points – Definition of Education points  

  • Common issues with Education Credentials (Foreign)  
  • Common issues with Employment Verification Letters   
  • Common issues with Arranged Employment  

a. FSW – has its own definition of Arranged Employment  

b. FST – has its own definition of Arranged Employment  

c. Owner/Operator LMIA Arranged Employment  

d. International Agreements or arrangements R204 Arranged Employment  

e. Canadian interests R205 Arranged Employment  

f. Creating a dual-purpose letter for employment verification & AE 

  • Common issues with Trades Certification 

a. ICAS – credential assessment for Trades  

b. Provincial or Federally regulated? 

c. Meeting Employment Requirements of the NOC 

d. Getting the “Red Seal” and dual prov/fed certifications (ie. Employer sponsored BC ITA Aircraft Maintenance Tech Certification vs. Transport Canada Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – M)   

  • Common issues with documents - Identification
  • Common issues with documents – Self-employment  
  • Common issues with documents – Police certificates
  • Common issues with documents - Upfront Medicals
  • Common issues with documents – Proof of funds
  • EE Advanced Case Example & Assessment 
  • EE Advanced Submission Letter writing and examples 
  • Procedural Fairness Letters and steps to take 
  • Common Refusal situations in EE
  • EE Notable Case Law  

a. Arranged Employment - Agbai v. Canada 2019 FC 886 – FN with AE NOC 00 LMIA was expired prior to lock-in eAPR date (A11.2(1) Lock in rule). The 200 points were not awarded. Only lock-in exception is Age at the time of the ITA issuance. There’s no discretion. Officer refusal upheld by FC.  

b. Work Experience - Ekama v. Canada 2020 FC 105 – FN NOC 1111 Chartered Accountant work experience letters. Refusal pursuant to R75(3) Minimal Requirements in FSW. Applicant claimed to not have been granted the opportunity for Procedural Fairness citing bias. Letters did not contain a list of job duties for NOC 1111 sufficiently. Officer made decision on grounds of insufficiency of evidence submitted, not credibility issues or bias. Burden is on the applicant to provide sufficient evidence.  Not discretionary. Officer refusal upheld by FC.  

c. Proof of Funds - Gugliotti v. Canada 2017 FC  71 FN was not granted Procedural Fairness to make additional submissions of evidence of proof of funds. Argument was that there isn’t an official “list” of documents to provide. Did not provide “official bank letter” that contained contact information of the Signing Officer. Officer refusal upheld by FC.  

  • Technical issues and how to resolve them
  • Ethics
  • Q & A




 Julie McMahon RCIC

 A native of British Columbia, Julie has been a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant(RCIC) since 2013. Along with immigration practice, Julie has an extensive background in immigrant settlement services and career counselling. She is a member in good standing with the ICCRC and CAPIC as well as a member of the Career Professionals of Canada (CPC), holding several certifications in career counselling, psychometrics assessment and career development & transition. Julie holds a B.A. from UBC, a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from SFU, Career Counselor designation from SFU, a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Development from DIT, and Immigration Practitioner Diploma: Laws, Policies and Procedures from CSIC Academy. 

Julie spent 8 years living and working in Ireland and the UK, returning to Canada in 2010. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to immigration practice. She has worked with new immigrants and overseas clients for over 15 years combining years of career counselling with immigration practice. Her passion is to help individuals make their Canadian dream a reality.

In her spare time, she provides Employment Law workshops to new immigrants at Chimo Crisis Services, is a volunteer with the Refugee Program with the Canadian Red Cross and volunteers with the Richmond Public Library and SOS Children’s Village Run. Julie is also bilingual in English and French.



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