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20180215 Demonstrating Officio, an online world-wide software tool designed for Canadian Immigration Law Practitioners. - Planned and Unplanned Absences - Planning for your businesses. Top 10 ways to have a better client interview

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Amir Bateni & Rhonda Williams Feb 15  2018,         

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Putting the pieces together… Imm Seminar’s first workshop!!

We’re very excited to introduce the first in a series of workshops Imm
Seminars will be offering on a regular basis. Ever wonder how some things
work? We do too, so we’re offering workshops to show you how they work!
The workshop is offered free to all registrants. But seats are limited for the
in-person workshop, so book right away. February 15 in person in
Vancouver, or sign up for the webinar or recording.
Putting the pieces together

We start with Amir Bateni from Uniques Software who will demonstrate
Officio, an online world-wide software tool to automate your immigration
practice.  He’ll demonstrate exactly how the software works, how it
integrates your practice including forms, clients’ portal, your client accounts,
your calendar and client contact and much more. It is a great way to
organize your office and your practice. Amir is also very proud to introduce a
great new Officio product - Planned and Unplanned Absences - Planning for
your businesses. Take the worry out of complying with this recent

Rhonda Williams will also present the “Top 10 ways to have a better
client interview”.

With thousands of interviews under her belt, she’ll share
what your client can expect at an interview at the visa office, how you can
help prepare your client and more.
Imm Seminars is a federally incorporated Not-for- profit Corporation founded
by a team of expert professionals with decades of experience in Canadian
immigration who are committed to the highest professional standards. We’re
offering lots of options to chose from for your professional development

We hope to see you soon and often!



While speakers and topics are confirmed at the time of publication, sometimes things happen which are beyond the control of Imm Seminars. If that happens substitutions or cancellations to speaker/s and/or topic/s may be necessary. In those cases, Imm Seminars will advise all registrants by email as soon as possible. We will also update the Imm Seminars website. We appreciate your cooperation in these cases.