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When you attend one of our seminars or join an online seminar, you'll stay accredited, further your education, and continually develop your skill set within the ever-changing Canadian immigration industry.


In-Person Seminars

At Imm Seminars, you get the tools you need to succeed in the Canadian immigration industry. Through innovative continuing education seminars, we strive to help consultants and lawyers find success in the industry.

Our in-depth seminars and expert sessions offer unique insight from industry experts with dozens of years of experience in the immigration field. Our in-person seminars provide real world education that you can put to good use right away.

Seminar contents vary, as the Canadian immigration industry is fluid. All topics presented feature recent news and developments, along with any in-industry changes. Our seminars are ideal for professionals who are looking to remain experts in their industry.


Recorded Seminars

While our in-person seminars provide much more than immigration education, scheduling conflicts are inevitable in our hectic industry. We understand many professionals need to complete their immigration education and accreditation hours online. Imm Seminars has a wide selction of online courses online seminars, either as a live streaming of in-person seminars or a direct recording of the in-person seminars.

Unique Educational Opportunities
At Imm Seminars, we live and breathe immigration education. If you’re a Canadian immigration consultant or lawyer looking to develop a deeper understand of the industry, we offer unique educational opportunities and events for all involved with immigration.

Our expert team regularly holds networking events, group case discussions, and more. While these events might not qualify for CPD, many immigration professionals find the education information and networking opportunities invaluable. You never know when it might be handy to know someone who has expertise you currently lack.


We're proud of our team here at Imm Seminar.

If you’re concerned with more than just CPD hours, you’ll find our seminars are among the best you’ve ever seen!

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