Biometrics - Update

Posted by Rhonda Williams, RCIC on 2019 Jun 24th

In December last year, we held a webinar on Biometrics with Peter Perram. ( As of January 2019, a lot more clients now need biometrics. There are some challenges as there often are when dealing with IRCC.

If a client has done a biometric collection for temporary residence, do they need to do it again for a permanent residence application?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes! Biometrics provided by applicants in support of a temporary residence application cannot be used to support a permanent residence application. Biometrics provided in support of a permanent residence application, however, can be applied to support a temporary residence application. Good to know!

Where can clients get their biometrics done?

Most applicants will enrol their biometric information at VACs. IRCC does have biometric collection equipment available at all visa offices but the collection services are available in very limited circumstances such as national interest, operational requirements (overseas refugee resettlement) or other reasons.

Some POEs will also have the capability to conduct biometric enrolment for some visa-exempt applicants.

Can clients get their biometric enrolment done in Canada?

Not yet. Clients might be able to go to the USA to get them done, but anecdotal information indicates that American authorities are not allowing admission to the USA for this purpose. Counsel your clients accordingly!

How long are the results valid?

In most cases, the biometrics are valid for 10 years. Biometrics can also be set to the length of the applicant's permanent residence or temporary residence status, whichever is longer.

If your client isn't sure if their results are still valid, check here: